We will call elections by the end of 2023

by Cristian Florescu

In reference to the commemoration of the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom, and the National Flag, Vučić emphasized the significance of this occasion, emphasizing that its importance surpasses the mere consideration of finding leisure time away from holidays.

According to his statement, the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom, and the National Flag holds significant importance, bordering on sacredness, perhaps even being deemed the most crucial.

Vučić emphasized the need for strength, firmness, and unity in the forthcoming period, acknowledging that although consensus may not always be attainable, it is crucial to carefully assess the future and act accordingly. Furthermore, he stressed the significance of responsible governance.

Vučić subsequently introduced novel merchandise at decreased price points.

Vučić subsequently perused the opposition’s petition to conduct elections.

“God will know what they want. I will also answer them when they say Serbia is in a serious crisis. Those who destroyed Serbia issued a declaration to prevent Serbia from collapsing again,” he said. Vucic concluded: “I am ready to hold elections until March. We will announce the elections before December 31 and March 4. I think it is 60 days. If not, then a week earlier.”

The act of certain politicians exploiting the tragedy, without even allowing sufficient time for the burial of the children, and capitalizing on people’s emotional vulnerability by mobilizing protests and obstructing highways, will be recorded as a moment of great disgrace in history. This level of dishonourable behaviour has not been witnessed previously.

Vučić also commented on Kurti’s statement that Serbs will “suffer and pay”.

“If I had said that, I would have been in all the media. Of course, this did not appear anywhere, and it will not because Albanians are allowed to say anything. For me, it is important that we managed not to be guilty and that we got several people out of custody. For me, it is important to fight for the people who are still in custody. My biggest fear is that they attempt to impose guilt on the Serbs because they want to be on their own. You have the persecution of the Serbs in Montenegro, if they do not renounce Belgrade”.

“Hill knows very well that imposed solutions are not key to the problem and that compromises must be reached,” he added.

“They agree with everything that Kurti does. They will come up with something that is our fault,” he emphasized.

According to Vučić, a challenge exists for certain individuals in accepting the accomplishments of Serbian athletes, namely basketball players and Novak Djokovic, due to their remarkable success.

“If it weren’t for that song, they would have found something else. Mention of Rumija bothers them, and Serbs, Montenegrins and Albanians live there too… I don’t mind when someone mentions their nation. Why do they want to stop us from doing that?” Tijana Boskovic brought us, de facto, along with all the other girls, she brought every gold medal and now the silver medal. She is from Bjelica, Republika Srpska. OK, what? Novak’s tears Vucic said: “They are very touching, and I am happy for all these guys.”

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