Will Turkey and Serbia take over resolving the accumulated Problems in BiH?

by Cristian Florescu

“Some kind of coordination should be achieved between regional, European, and global dominant actors regarding BiH issues, so that some balance of their influences would lead to these influences being constructive and not maximalist. That no one pretends to realize his policy one hundred per cent, and that also applies to the actors in BiH, ” told Milan Sitarski, a political analyst.

Serbia and Turkey have their interests in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), each because of the one they are more in favour of, but that does not necessarily mean that they are well and positively in favour of BiH as a whole, analysts believe. It can not be expected of them to take the initiative to solve the problems in our country, but they can take part in the solution in coordination with other relevant actors.

An analyst Antic thinks that it is because of their interests that they already are and that they will continue to be involved in any subsequent negotiations on resolving the crisis in BiH. Neither Serbia nor Turkey, he says, can be excluded from the problem-solving process in BiH. Both countries influence domestic politicians.

Even though BiH is an almost inevitable topic at such meetings, it does not make much sense to expect someone else to take over the solution of this country’s problems, nor to hand over the fate of BiH to the presidents of Turkey, Serbia, or Croatia, as analysts say. The responsibility should first of all be taken by BiH actors, specifically by the decision-makers in our country, sarajevotimes.com writes.

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